September brings warm days, when the sun shines golden and mellow. The rowans are laden with scarlet berries, set against the clear blue of the sea. As September turns into October, the nights grow chilly and in the morning the grass outside is stiff and white with hoar frost, signalling the start of the winter months. Down in the village, Main Street blazes with crimson and orange, the white of the clapboard houses acting as perfect contrast.

At the end of the day, when the chill of evening is starting to be felt, head back to Gull Cottage to put your feet up, have a drink, watch TV, read or just watch the flames flicker and the logs crackle in the little red woodstove.



The shelter of the bay protects the village of St Martins from the extremes of winter, but it still gets it’s share of snowfall. Gull Cottage has two layers of insulation, and together with the red woodstove, plus electric baseboard heating, stays warm and cozy on the coldest of days. Stand by the window and watch the big snowflakes float silently down.

Towards Christmas, the village gets into the festive spirit, with the houses up and down Main Street hung with multi coloured fairy lights and Christmas decorations. Many of the churches hold their Carol Services, details of which are published on the notice board outside, or can be found in Huttges General Store and others. On Christmas Eve, there is always a service, and visitors are made welcome.



Spring brings warm winds and longer and brighter days, and with the fresh green of the new grass come the purple and white wild lupins, which appear where they will in the garden and all around the pond. As spring turns to early summer, large yellow waterlilies appear on the surface of the pond, and if you look closely, the little fish and bullfrog tadpoles that live there can be seen on sunny days, darting in pursuit of the insects that skin the surface, in the hope of a quick meal.

Have breakfast on the wide deck in front of the house, with the sunshine sparkling on the water, while the occasional fishing boat lazily crosses the bay.



Long lazy days of high summer bring the iridescent dragonflies, which hover over the pond. Take the pathway between the clumps of goldenrod and touch-me-nots, where tiny hummingbirds hover like gigantic bees in search of nectar, to the stairway leading down to the beach. At low tide there are seaweed covered rock pools to explore, where there are periwinkles and small crabs. When the tide comes in, the beach is completely private. The water is fresh but invigorating, especially on the hottest days of summer. The best time to swim is at high tide, when the sea comes in over the rocks already warmed by the sun.

When everything is calm and still, sometimes the rest of the inhabitants of the woodland come out to forage for food, and drink at the pond. Wild rabbits, fat black and white skunk and heavy footed porcupine can be seen, as well as white tailed deer. Wild ravens croak overhead, occasionally the huge dark shape of one of the pair of sea eagles which nest nearby will soar over the bay.

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