The village of St Martins was first established in 1783 and from the earliest days, when settlers from the Old World stepped from the sailing ships which brought them to this completely uncharted continent, with just a few of their treasured possessions and their dreams, up until the present, we can follow their stories.

Quaco Museum
Main Street, St Martins
(506) 833 4768
Old photographs and artefacts tell the story of the village and it’s many diverse inhabitants, as well as of it’s shipbuilding past.

The Interpretive Centre
The Fundy Trail, St Martins, NB
Contact: (506) 833 2019

The centre is a re-creation of the old bunkhouse, constructed circa 1800, which housed the single men who worked at the logging, fishing and shipbuilding industries which were the integral part of the community from that time until the 1950’s.Original artefacts are on display, together with an abundance of old photographs, plus an explanatory video. Guided walks, Interpretive walks and Day Adventures are also run from Hearst Lodge.

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